SonDoong Cave in Vietnam

What to do in Phong Nha in the afternoon

Visit Botanic Garden

If you are looking for something amazing to do in the afternoon in Phong Nha, let’s check out a list of a few popular activity choices compiled for you below. You can see more: Vietnam holidaysVISIT BOTANICAL GARDEN For nature lovers, Botanic Garden is the perfect destination. The Botanical Garden is also a great choice

Bat Trang: The traditional ceramic village in Hanoi

A corner of Bat Trang Pottery Marker

Bat Trang is located in Gia Lam district of Hanoi; it is an old well established village in Vietnam. Passing Chuong Duong bridge then turns right and go about 10 kilometres along the dike of Red River, Bat Trang will welcome you. Its name popular to most tourists to northern Vietnam because its ever famous

Quan Ba Market – Colorful festival of ethnic minorities in Ha Giang

Quan Ba Market

Local market days are a unique and integral cultural trait of Ha Giang. In upland Ha Giang province, a marketplace is not only where locals come to exchange consumer goods and services but also, more importantly, a spot to exchange and exhibit cultural identity of all these local ethnic groups. It is a must-visit destination

Some good homestay in Can Tho

Green Garden Homestay

Green Garden Homestay Green Garden Homestay in Can Tho offers tranquil and comfortable accommodation with free wireless Internet access throughout this property. Green Garden features a wide range of facilities to make guests’ stay such a pleasant experience. Not only featuring lush green gardens, this homestay also provides 24-hour front desk, 24-hour room service, complimentary

Things to remember when traveling to Mai Chau

Mai Chau has romantic beauty

Not as famous as the Moc Chau Plateau nearby, Mai Chau hide romantic beauty that every visitor wants to return once they travel here. Many travelers just know the name Mai Chau – Hoa Binh wonder where Mai Chau is? How to go to Mai Chau? Mai Chau have any places to visit? What to

How to whittle a pineapple like a boss

Pineapple wasting

In the Western world, the following types of pineapple are common: canned and fresh. Canned pineapples are easy, versatile, and ready to use. Fresh pineapples are more complicated. You have to buy them, turn them upside down before cutting, and actually cut them. Now, many people want it quick and easy, and end up wasting

Lan Ha Bay- The Forgotten Paradise In Vietnam

The magnificient Lan Ha bay

Lan Ha Bay is located in the south of Halong Bay, encircling the Cat Ba Islands of Hai Phong. With the gorgeous natural beauty, it is promising to be an attractive destination for  tourist. Lan Ha Bay- The Forgotten Paradise In Vietnam will take you closer to this beautiful bay right next to Halong bay.

Where to go for sticky rice in Hanoi at night

A full bowl of sticky rice at Xoi Yen

Steamed sticky rice or xoi has been a go-to breakfast option for Vietnamese in general and Hanoians in particular for centuries. Moreover, it also features in many rituals as an offering, be it a funeral or a wedding ceremony.As the capital city quickly grows, its life stretches farther into the night to serve those who

Vegetarian Rice Noodle – The pure and notable Saigon dish in summer

Enjoying Hu Tieu Chay on hot summer days in Saigon

Vegetarianism has become a beautiful culture in the culinary culture of the Vietnamese. Today, it is not necessary for a monk but for everyone to seek vegetarian food as a means of healing, maintaining health and cleansing the soul.Rice noodle soup (Hu Tieu) is almost “exclusive” dish of Saigon with many brand names such as

The story of Quan Ho Bac Ninh folk songs

Quan Ho Bac Ninh recognized as intangible cultural heritage

Vietnam has in total ten UNESCO’s Intangible cultural heritage, five of which belong to the Vietnamese folk music style category. Hanoians are very familiar with Quan Ho Bac Ninh folk songs. This heritage originates from Bac Ninh, a province that is just 30 km away from Hanoi. It is easily recognized by the signature content