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Bia Hoi – beautiful cultural feature in Hanoi

Traditional Bia Hoi in Hanoi
When remembering about ancient Hanoi, people are usually impressed with conventional beautiful long dress (Ao Dai). More than that, cool Hanoi Bia Hoi also attracts a lot of tourists to come back this city. Bia Hoi has become a characteristic cultural symbol of the capital of Vietnam… It is obvious that in the long future Bia Hoi Hanoi (Hanoi beer) would stay alive along with traditional culture of local people here as a permanent mark. Enjoy Bia Hoi in Hanoi with: mekong delta cruise

Traditional Bia Hoi in Hanoi

Traditional Bia Hoi in Hanoi- source: internet

Hanoi Bia Hoi is known as a type of brewed beer, low in sugar, time required to produce is short and it is not pasteurized. It is light with many bubbles. The amazing point is that Bia Hoi is being sold at relatively cheap prices, and has become popular beverage in most of the pubs in Hanoi. Compared with expensive beer from Germany, Czech Republic or Czech, Hanoi beer is priced at about 10.000VND/ big cup. Vietnam private tours

To enjoy Hanoi Bia Hoi, customers do not have to go to expensive and luxurious bars, restaurants or spaces. They can easily enjoy cool Bia Hoi everywhere even on road surface. In particular, some brasseries in Hanoi does not need much space more than an owner with a few plastic low chairs, a container of Bia and big glasses. Not only reveling in Bia Hoi with friends, but visitors also have chance to enjoy the atmosphere of rustic and comfortable space in Hanoi with simple tables and chairs, friendly and offhanded drinkers. The smoke, laughter and noise,… all  of those things are totally acceptable, even encouraged at night brasseries.

Visitors have rustic and comfortable space to enjoy Bia Hoi with friends

Visitors have rustic and comfortable space to enjoy Bia Hoi with friends- source: internet

Hanoi Bia Hoi is closely attached to subconscious mind of Hanoi people for such a long time, considered as a representative of lifestyle here. There is a special street called Ha Noi Beer Street – Ta Hien Street. Those who come to this street are not only middle-aged men but youngsters or even Westerners, international tourists as well. Therefore, Ta Hien Street is also known as Pho Tay (Western Street). Visitors come here to drink different flavors of Hanoi Bia hoi, get rid of daily worries and can be immersed in the rhythm of peaceful life. It comes as no surprise that some Westerners are strongly attracted by Hanoi Bia Hoi as they love the culture and people here. Especially, it contains a symbol of Vietnamese culture – the wonderful culture of  “street food”. In addition to street food, sidewalk Bia Hoi has long been recognized as unique cultural trait of Hanoi.

Sidewalk Bia Hoi at Ta Hien Street

Sidewalk Bia Hoi at Ta Hien Street- source: internet

Nowadays, beside traditional Hanoi Bia Hoi, there are also many new brands of both domestic and foreign beer for travelers to choose depending on their taste and money. But, is there anyone once watching the bubbles rising from the bottom of the mug and dissolving in soft, white foam on the surface of the beer cup, tasting bitter and wondering how Hanoi Bia Hoi was in the old days? Hanoi Bia Hoi is not only a tasty kind of beer, it symbolizes traditional culture at the land of thousand-year civilization.

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