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How to eat Pho like a Hanoian

An attractive bowl of Pho
First served in the early 20th century, Pho has been cooked in many different ways with distinctive techniques; however, Pho Hanoi is still the number one. Whether it is a bowl of beef or chicken noodle, there is a standard way to truly enjoy the dish like a Hanoian. To get more information,  you can click: Vietnam travel packagesThe ingredients used to cook Pho can be incredibly diverse but in general, a bowl of Pho will include five main things: noodle, meat, broth, herbs, and spices. All of these factors are guaranteed to be well combined in order to pop up the proper flavor of Pho. Here is the way that you can eat Pho:

An attractive bowl of Pho

An attractive bowl of Pho- source: internet

First and foremost, Pho must be put in a ceramic bowl instead of a glass or plastic one in order to keep the flavor intact. At the same time, the bowl should be in medium size, not too big or too small. The idea of this is if the container is too small, the broth will be cold quickly and there will be insufficient space for meat and herbs on top of Pho. On the other hand, if the bowl is too big, the customers might lose their appetite before finishing the big bowl of Pho. It is because Pho is only a light dish, not the main course. Also, Pho is a simple, idyllic culinary that is only served in a normal daily meal rather than a formal setting. Besides, it will be a bit ridiculous if you eat Pho while drinking beer or “tra da” (iced tea) because normally, Pho gives the best taste without any kind of drink or additional food. However, a small cup of wine is acceptable.

Ingredients to cook a bowl of Pho are chosen carefully

Ingredients to cook a bowl of Pho are chosen carefully- source: internet

When heading to eat Pho, the tasters will hold a pair of chopsticks with the right hand and a spoon on the other hand. Bamboo chopsticks are strongly recommended owing to the fact that they will be the most helpful tools to clipping the slippery noodle. Likewise, the spoon will do its job of getting the broth and other ingredients easily.

Apart from that, you should also know where to have a delicious bowl of Pho too. Don’t ever expect a great bowl of Pho in a big restaurant or in the hotel because they do not focus on cooking Pho only but other dishes too. The best way to eat a good, authentic bowl of Pho is to stop by a small Pho restaurant on the street where they only serve Pho. At the same time, not all Pho places offer both chicken and beef noodle, therefore, take a note of it before heading into the restaurant. Travel North Vietnam to enjoy Pho

That’s how you eat a bowl of Pho, one hand hold chopsticks and the other holds a spoon

That’s how you eat a bowl of Pho, one hand hold chopsticks and the other holds a spoon- source: internet

In addition, before tasting the first bite, squeeze a half or a quarter of a lemon in the bowl of Pho, pour out a bit of ketchup, pepper, chili sauce depending on your taste. Also, you can add up a small spoon of vinegar and some fresh raw chili for a better flavor. Then use your chopsticks and spoon to mix gently and nicely to ensure the spices are well combined into the broth. These mentioned spices will flavor up the taste and make it even more delicious.

A peek at the broth container on the stove can also help you to find the best place of Pho. If the owners use a small pot on a gas stove or electric stove to simmer bones then keep moving. Rather, opt for the one where they cook the broth by using a really large pot which is about 1 meter high put on top of a brazier. That is how a good restaurant will use to make a perfectly rich, buttery broth.

Meat used to cook Pho requires both quality and appealing appearance

Meat used to cook Pho requires both quality and appealing appearance- source: internet

Additionally, you can also evaluate the piece of meat hanged in front of the cook. The beef should be rested to cool down for the best flavor. The best piece of beef should contain as less fat as possible and its color should not be too dark or too light. While for chicken, the skin is expected to be bright yellow, the meat inside is better pink without any fat. The noodle is also a thing to pay attention to. Noodles will be dipped into boiling water for a few minutes in order to soften them then place in a basket to dry out a bit which will make the noodle intact when it is put into the hot broth after that.

So, these are some insights that you can take as a reference in order to enjoy the best bowl of Pho like how a Hanoian will do when visiting Vietnam.

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