What to eat in Son Doong Cave? | SonDoong Cave in Vietnam

What to eat in Son Doong Cave?

Son Doong Cave-what adventure lovers are looking for
Right after an appearance on Good Morning America, Son Doong, the cave has only been opened to the public since 2013, became a really hot name on the tourist map of the youth, more than ever.

Son Doong Cave-what adventure lovers are looking for

Son Doong Cave-what adventure lovers are looking for- source: internet

There are many rumors of tour prices Son Doong, as well as about Son Doong was sealed book tour until 2 years later. And this article will help you visualize what you most clearly have to do to get a foothold in the great wonders of this nature, as well as whether or not to wait more than two years away from an opportunity to implementation of that desire.

How to get to Son Doong?

A journey to Son Doong

A journey to Son Doong- source: internet

A trip to Son Doong is ranked as an expedition not an adventure as any mistake could leave consequences, from injury to life threat. And something beyond your imagination is what you experience in this journey. These are days you are half in the water wading the river or stream while soaking the rest of the body in sweat. These are also days you have to stand your dirtiness and stinking smell and do not have a chance to take a shower.

Good stamina is required for a Son Doong trip

Good stamina is required for a Son Doong trip- source: internet

You need to have an extremely good fitness to be able to take part in 7 day 6 night trip to discover Son Doong. It is a journey to discover, to explore, not a fun trip for travelers to visit and enjoy. During the journey, they will have to walk more than 50 kilometers through jungle, with challenging roads, climb over large boulders in the cave filled with small or even really mountainous terrains.

What to eat in Son Doong Cave?

Porters carry food into Son Doong

Porters carry food into Son Doong- source: internet

As there will be no clean toilet, no hot water and bath with fragrant soaps, smooth soft beds waiting for you, adventure tourism experience will be good for you. After a long day walking, climbing as both legs apart, you will sleep in tents, bathe and defecate in the chamber riot prepared by travel companies.

Going to the toilet or bathing will … What?

Son Doong is for challenge

Son Doong is for challenge- source: internet

Of course, there would be no toilet glitter, fragrant for you already in such a pristine cave like Son Doong. At every stop camping, you can find toilet fields built by tourism companies. You will use dry sand (also previously provided) to cover the waste after going to the toilet. Dry sand is used to keep the surroundings clean and deodorize is responsible for helping you.

And as people are not always where you are bathing, in that bathroom, be prepared to bring a wet paper to wipe away. In the journey, there will only be a few points with the conditions allowing you to be temporary.

If you expect a unique and challenging adventure, then a trip exploring Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is exactly what you are looking for. Let’s travel to Vietnam and experience!

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