Enjoy some delicious food in morning Hanoi | SonDoong Cave in Vietnam

Enjoy some delicious food in morning Hanoi

Hanoi in the morning
When you look at Vietnamese cuisine, you can see the Chinese influences, Indian influences, Thai with French, lately Italian and American but the Vietnamese cookers always tweak them a little bit to make them their own. In order to check it out, the only thing you have to do is ready to discover Vietnamese food on the street just only in Hanoi in 24 hours. To get further information, you can view: Holidays Indochina

Hanoi in the morning

Hanoi in the morning- source: internet

The reason makes Pho more popular in the Vietnamese meal is it is healthy, convenient in a bustling morning. It has soup, rice noodles and meat, it is just nice to balance of everything to start a new day. It will be more magical for foreigners when sitting to have a bowl Pho while people are living on the top floor.

Beef Pho in Hanoi

Beef pho in Hanoi- source: internet

The Vietnamese not only eat because it’s tasty, each ingredient influences the dish and in spice has its own role on the body’s balance and its unique medical merit. Eating some Vietnamese dishes, you can see that the hot and cold factors are in those dishes. Just a loaf of bread, it has both meat, hot chili (hot factor) and some kinds of vegetables (cold factor). A glass of lemon tea will be a perfect choice after having some hot dishes. Vietnam tours packages

Vietnamese bread

Vietnamese bread- source: internet

It seems to be strange for you in the first time try it, but don’t worry! The location of this coffee shop is also interesting. Maybe you’re a big fan of coffee, you known how to make a coffee but you’re going to surprise about the way locals making coffee that you’re never seen before. Let’s find a convenient place to enjoy a cup of egg coffee and see the lake.

It’s a small piece of the colorful Hanoi paintings and familiar to Hanoians throughout many years. In the morning or evening, on rainy or sunny day, Hanoi streets are marked by shoulder poles of people from different regions of the country, has become a unique part of Hanoi. It is quintessential of street food in Hanoi.

Street foods are going to sell on the shoulder poles

Street foods are going to sell on the shoulder poles- source: internet

In soul of travel lovers, Hanoi is a peaceful and bustle heaven where tourists not only have a chance to visit a lot of picturesque landscapes but also trying some delicious street foods. At the age of more than 1000 years, Hanoi has never been older. Richard- the principal writer of the world food series of the Lonely Planet which is the largest travel guidebook used to say that: “Vietnamese cuisine is without doubt among the top tier of the world cuisines and it is unique among the world cuisine”. With every passing day, Hanoi as a beautiful girl, conquer a boy by some delicious street foods. Let’s come with us- Indochina Voyage if you’re eager to meet her.

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