Experience Saigon to Hanoi on back of a Motorbike | SonDoong Cave in Vietnam

Experience Saigon to Hanoi on back of a Motorbike

The classic route
The most popular road trip in Vietnam and unquestionably one of the best ways to experience the country is riding a motorbike from Saigon to Hanoi. In the past, travellers simply chose the Highway 1 – the most obvious route. However, there are currently far more scenic, pleasant and less trodden ways to ride between the two main cities in Vietnam thanks to ambitious road building programs. ho chi minh city to phnom penh by boat

The classic route

The classic route- source: internet

  • Total Distance: 2,770km
  • Estimated Average Duration: 14-28 days
  • Road Conditions: coastal back and paved rural roads, old and new highways
  • Navigation: fairly easy but some tricky bits in the central areas
  • Scenery: cities, villages, coast, limestone, highlands, mountains, cultural sites

The Classic route, which weaves a course between highlands and coast, is equal parts mountain and beach. Tranquil, gorgeous coastal roads in the south and central region yield to a great landscape of limestone karsts on the Ho Chi Minh Road in the Northern central Vietnam. Many popular towns and sights including Ninh Binh, Phong Nha Caves, Hai Van Pass, Hoian, Nha Trang, Dalat and Mui Ne are all covered; but so too are off the beaten track areas including: the Western Ho Chi Minh Road, the coastal back-roads north of Hue and the beaches around Quy Nhon. It is an ideal balance of hidden gems and must-see sights.

Explore Saigon-Hanoi route on back of a motorbike

Explore Saigon-Hanoi route on back of a motorbike-source: internet

  • Total Distance: 2,050km
  • Average Duration: 10 – 21 days
  • Road Conditions: paved rural back-roads and new coastal highways
  • Navigation: mostly simple but some tricky bits on the coast in the central region
  • Scenery: beach towns, farmland, coast, fishing villages, beaches, cultural sites

If you enjoy sand between your toes, playing in the surf, and the sound of the sea at night, this route, which echoes Vietnam’s curving coastline for nearly 1,300km, is the one to choose. The Beach Bum route, which avoids the Highway 1 for most of its course, uses rarely-ridden coastal back-roads and jaw-dropping new coast roads to take you to uncountable hedonistic beach towns, sleepy fishing villages and deserted beaches. Besides these established beaches, such as Nha Trang and Mui Ne, this route also covers up-and-coming coastal regions, such as Quy Nhon, Cam Ranh and Phan Rang, where the sea and sand are almost totally undisturbed. This route takes you to the hills along the Ho Chi Minh Road, with Phong Nha caves for a good dose of limestone magic after the beaches lose their gloss in the north-central provinces. mekong delta cruise

Saigon-Hanoi on a motorbike – best way to know more about local life

Saigon-Hanoi on a motorbike – best way to know more about local life- source: internet

  • Total Distance: 1,880km
  • Average Duration: 10 – 14 days
  • Road Conditions: paved mountain roads and highways
  • Navigation: straightforward and simple for most parts of the route
  • Scenery: limestone, mountains, minority villages, agricultural plateaus, war vestiges

The Ho Chi Minh Road, which is surely one of the world’s most evocative road names, is now a fully paved passage from the Southern to the Northern Vietnam. Uncle Ho’s Road may be the shortest but also the most mountainous route in this list. Following the Truong Son Range, this road forms the Vietnam’s jagged, high-peaked spine from teetering passes above roaring rivers on the western branch-road, to the limestone wonderland at its northern neck; from vast agricultural plateaus, where timber and tea are grown in equal number, to the ragged edge of the frontier lands along Laos’ border. You will witness some of the most dramatic landscape that Vietnam has to offer: some charming towns and thriving cities such as Buon Ma Thuot, Kon Tum offering human interaction and Khe Sanh war vestiges.

the big one

The big One – source internet

  • Total Distance: 4,180km
  • Average Duration: 21- 42 days
  • Road Conditions: paved back-roads, new coast & mountain roads, highways.
  • Navigation: regular check map and occasionally ask locals
  • Scenery: mountains, minority villages, limestone, cities, coast, rivers, cultural sites

The Big One, which covers both on and off the beaten path, is for those who want to see everything between Saigon and Hanoi. Zigzaging up the country on Ho Chi Minh Road, coastal back-roads and mountain passes and new national highways, this meandering route creates a road trip of grand proportions. Following shimmering rivers from source to mouth, corkscrewing through limestone forests on the Western Ho Chi Minh Road, twisting through remote valleys in the Central Highlands and taking in all the most stunning beaches in central and southern Vietnam; this is Southern to Northern route. To balance all the off-the-grid exploration, tourist hotspots and major towns, such as Nha Trang, Dalat, Hoian, Phong Nha Caves and Ninh Binh, are woven into this itinerary

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