Experience sand skiing in Quang Binh | SonDoong Cave in Vietnam

Experience sand skiing in Quang Binh

Sand dune in Quang Binh
You only remember Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and Son Doong Cave – the world’s largest cave when thinking about Quang Binh province, then, it is such a mistake! The province has many other values, interesting activities to make it one of the most important tourist points, one of which should be sand skiing experience.
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Sand dune in Quang Binh

Sand dune in Quang Bình- source: internet

Not only owning a spectacular cave system in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, many incredibly beautiful beaches and immense white sand dunes scattering throughout the town, Quang Binh also has the vast white sand dunes situated in Quang Phu commune, about 10km to the center of Dong Hoi city. Sharing border with Quang Phu commune (Dong Hoi City) and Nhan Trach commune (Bo Trach District), Quang Phu sand dunes is a land of rich culture of local fishermen.

In addition to the amazing opportunity to experience the sand dunes, sand skiing – an awesome activity in Quang Binh, you can also discover the living spaces of coastal dwellers and get a better understanding of daily rural life.

The beauty of sand dune in Quang Binh

The beauty of sand dune in Quang Phu

The beauty of sand dune in Quang Phu- source: internet

Sand dune in Quang Binh is considered as one of the most famous sand dunes in central Vietnam together with Phuong Mai Sand Dunes in Binh Dinh, Nam Cuong sand dunes in Ninh Thuan, Sand dunes of Mui Ne, Binh Thuan and Trinh Nu sand dune in Binh Thuan.

However, unlike the sand dunes in Phan Thiet and some other areas, sand dunes in Quang Binh have many unique elements to make it an ideal tourist landscape: white sand dunes stretching to the very clean and pristine coast, white sand dunes with crystal shining light, sandy grassland stretches, pristine beauty not affected by human and environment change, sand hills with suitable elevations for the adventure games. If you want to experience Quang Binh sand, walking on the sand, conquering sand challenges will be an impressive holiday.

The central province of Quang Binh’s sand dunes often remind you of blazing sun, dry and hot westerly wind from Laos to Central Vietnam area and flying sand. However, they also create impressive landscapes. The white sand dunes create different charming paintings which are constantly changing over time under the different natural effects of wind, sun, rain and water. Even though these paintings can be easily wiped out after a breeze, a drizzle or even a row of footprints, they will be instantly replaced by the new ones. If you interest, you can click: marguerite cruise

Sand skiing – New games attract more travelers

Experience sand skiing in Quang Binh

Experience sand skiing in Quang Binh- source: internet

With such advantages, Quang Binh has recently promoted the development of marine tourism with many brand new products, one of which is sliding sand game, which is attracting more and more travelers to experience.

Going to Quang Phu sand hills, tourists can join in the conquest of the sand dunes at the elevation of almost 100m. On the conquering journey, you will definitely see the majestic, immense world of sand together with its wild beauty with the sand changing itself every day, every hour by sea breezes blowing all day and night.

More particularly, sliding sand is your chance to be entertained with thrilling yet very interesting games. With very simple skateboard types such as: hard paper, dried palm leaves, etc, visitors will have a completely new sense of relaxation. Sand skiing is such a suitable game for everyone, for every age, a relaxing sport program to enjoy at weekend with your friends, your family members or agencies, etc.

More than sand skiing

Fishing village near sand dunes

Fishing village near sand dunes-source: internet

Besides sand skiing, if you want to know more about the culture of the local fishermen, don’t miss a chance to visit Nhan Trach commune (a sand hill 5km from the sand dune). Here, you can get to visit the village’s temple, learn more about the customs of the villagers such as: fishermen’s dancing, mua bong cheo can, the fisherman procession, etc. Moreover, you will also enjoy the delicious typical products of coastal villages such as dried squid, dried fish, shrimp paste and fish sauce, etc.

Together with many compelling experiences, sand skiing is currently developed by many travel companies in the province. Sand skiing should be the reason why many travelers want to spend their time in Quang Binh. Do you want to experience this unique activity yourself?

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