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Explore Sapa by your way

Grilled food stall in Sapa night market
There are an excessive number of options when you want to explore Sapa, for instances: the most tourist-impressed spot can be the stone church, Cat Cat village, only 3km from Sapa town’s central or further locations such as Ta Phin village, Ham Rong mountain; Love waterfall or spend time walking around and admiring the wonderful scenery of terraced rice fields in Shin Chai village; etc. Notwithstanding, when it comes to a long trek or an overnight stay, it will be better to rely on a tour guide whose geographical knowledge and experience will help you out a lot. To get more information, you can click: Best Indochina tours

Grilled food stall in Sapa night market

Grilled food stall in Sapa night market- source: internet

And now it’s time for the ones who have a sweet tooth, Sapa’s cuisine promise to not disappoint you. Roaming around a few restaurants in town or along the street, you can try out a numerous type of food, especially street food such as a grilled dish or well-known dishes like local pork, winter veggies, or Thang Co which are considered to be unique specialties. Cau May street is a must-visit location in the region for a good meal where locates several good restaurants, for example, Gerbera or Delta. This is also an ideal place if you desire to have a foot massage after the whole day jogging around the town. Besides, if you want to buy your family and friends some souvenirs, you can totally reach some ethnic group markets around the town or other alternative large markets in the area, for instance, Can Cau, Bac Ha, Ly Coc market or Bac Ha market. Sapa homestay tours

A picture of products that the local residents sell in Bac Ha market

A picture of products that the local residents sell in Bac Ha market- source: internet

In this day, getting to Sapa is super easy. The best way to reach there is getting a passenger car or a train which will take you around 5 to 6 hours to approach the town. For the train option, you will have to catch another car after heading to Lao Cai station because the train obviously will not run to the town’s center. Alternatively, if you are a risk-taker, a motorbike is also worth consideration once you want to contemplate the scenery along the way.

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