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Explore and taste street food in Saigon

Banh trang tron
Saigon is a city converging many special culture of different regions. Delicious dishes are not only served in luxurious restaurants, diners but also sold on street pavements. Street food in Saigon not only have cheap price, but also own delicious taste that anyone has ever tried never can forget. Let’s explore 8 wonderful street food below! Let’s explore and taste street food with Indochina holidays

  1. Banh trang tron/nuong:

Banh trang tron is one of the dishes that ingredients are processed easily but it’s really mouth-watering. Only with simple ingredients such as banh trang, mixed with fried dried shrimp with fat, the remaining ingredients vary according to the sellers. They usually use dried beef, sliced papaya, soy sauce, peanuts,… All of them bring about special delicious taste of Banh trang tron.

Banh trang tron

Banh trang tron- source: internet

2. Banh Trang Nuong

Banh trang nuong are spreaded a layer of quail eggs on the surface with minced meat, grease and onion. The dish is grilled thoroughly until the color turns to yellow and the aroma of eggs spread. Everybody hardly reject hot, crispy and fragrant Banh trang nuong.

  1. Pha lau

Pha lau is a familiar dish of Chinese, made from animal viscera. There are many types of pha lau: pork pha lau, duck and chicken pha lau, beef pha lau … In particular, beef pha lau is much more preferred. This is rustic food, delicious, attractive to the exotic not only for small students but also students and civil servants. You can eat snack with bread, or instant noodles or pasta rather than grilling or frying.

Pha Lau

Pha Lau- source: internet

  1. Bot chien (Fried flour)

Fried flour is a simple dish made from rice flour. It is crunchy outside, soft inside, is a very attractive classifieds. Depending on different places and taste, the fried dough will be processed differently. Crispy golden pieces including flour, green onion, papaya, chili sauce, fried egg whites… fascinate many food lovers of Saigon. saigon phnom penh boat

  1. Fried/grilled skewers

Fish pellets, beef pellet, shrimp balls, tofu, and so on… are the most common and attractive street food in Saigon. After being strung into skewers they will be fried until they turns to golden color. When eaten with chili sauce and black spicy sauce, this food is salty, crispy and chewy. In some places, it is also served with radishes, carrots, cucumber,…

Fried-grilled skewers

Fried-grilled skewers- source: internet

  1. Che (Sweet dessert)

Not as sweet as Che Hue, or many flavoring like che in the northern region, Che Saigon is sweet due to coconut milk, grinded ice. In particular, Saigon tea has some interesting variations with diverse ingredients.

  1. Crab soup

This is a favorite street food in Saigon regardless of hot or cold weather. It is also sold from deluxe restaurant to rustic street vendors. A cup of delicious soup is often hot with white color of chicken eggs, red color of crab meat, the smell of pepper, cilantro. When eating, people can add a little chili, sesame oil and enjoy it.

Crab soup

Crab soup- source: internet

  1. Bo bia

Bo bia is a rustic dish, it is made in very simple way. Just roll the mix of cassava, dried little shrimp, lettuce, herbs, sausages, eggs in thinly sliced ‘banh trang”. Bo bia is delicious in the sauce. The bean sprout is an indispensable part of bo bia in the south. The sauce must have full flavors: sweet, spicy, fat. People eat this sauce at first time will feel the taste quite strange, but once eating, it is difficult to forget this sauce.

Saigon is dubbed as paradise of street food for everybody with a variety of types and flavors. 8 dishes above are only some of the best food here. For those who have explored and tasted street food in Saigon, they will certainly remember it forever.

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