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Da Nhay beach

Da Nhay beach

This is a clean, white-sand beach with rocky mountains, stone pillars in various sizes and numerous particularly interesting shapes. Da Nhay is a beautiful beach on the shore of East Sea, 25 km north of Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province. It is one of the most important attraction sites in Quang Binh along with

Quang Binh food


Ngheo Baby Fish Ngheo fish delivers baby fish but not eggs. This kind of fish is meaty and tasty. Its skin is rough, and thus, also called “rough” or “nham” fish.Ngeo fish is favorably used to make salad or clay pots sprinkled with turmeric, ginger and honey to make a yin-healthy dish. The uterus should

Champa history

Champa history

The ancient kingdom of Champa was situated in the central coast of Viet Nam at one time stretched from the Ngang Pass (pressent Quang Binh province) to the upper basin of Dong nai river. The Cham people is believed to be of the same Javanese stock as many of the creators of the Dong Son

Soup Porridge – Quang Binh food

Soup Porridge - Quang Binh food

If Pho cannot be missed when you visit Ha Noi, then you cannot miss Soup Porridge (Cháo canh) when visiting Quảng Bình province. This dish is the most favourite breakfast for the local people. Soup Porridge is not presented everywhere but only trusted restaurants rated by sophisticated food lovers. The noodles is quite simple, big

Quang Binh: the most attractive tourist destination in Asia 2014

Spectacular Son Doong cave

The New York Times Newspaper (U.S) has been voted Quang Binh, Vietnam in the list of 52 world’s most attractive tourist destinations in 2014. Accordingly, Quang Binh ranked eighth in top 52 of the world and the first in top 12 of the Asia. Spectacular Son Doong cave, Quang Binh, Vietnam The reason for this

Experience caving Son Doong

Things needed for caving Son Doong, son doong cave

This is an incredible experience that will enable you to explore a world where very few people have ventured before you. The cave of Hang Son Doong has to be one of the greatest spectacles you will ever set eyes upon! This expedition will have 3 nights camping in Hang Son Doong, enabling you to