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How to eat Pho like a Hanoian

An attractive bowl of Pho

First served in the early 20th century, Pho has been cooked in many different ways with distinctive techniques; however, Pho Hanoi is still the number one. Whether it is a bowl of beef or chicken noodle, there is a standard way to truly enjoy the dish like a Hanoian. To get more information,  you can

Discovering the best beautiful beach in Vietnam

The wonderful beauty of the beach in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nowadays, Vietnam is not a strange tourism destination for travelers around the world. Travelers come to Vietnam for tourism with various different hobbies: Some like claiming mountain; a lot of people enjoy Vietnamese traditional food, culture and sightseeing; esspecially so many people come in Vietnam because of its beautiful beaches. With the beautiful long coastline

What makes com hen so attractive?

Ingredients make mussel rice

Hue people have com hen for all meals of a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacks. Not only being always in the minds of Hue people and people living in Hue, delicious and special com hen is also appreciated by foreigners such as American, Australian, especially Korean and Japanese. To get more information, you

Having good time in Mui Ne with Mui Ne travel guide

Mui Ne is an attractive destination this holiday

Mui Ne is an attractive destination in Phan Thiet, Vietnam. It is very famous for endless white sandbank beside blue sea, high coconut trees and many other beautiful landscapes such as Hon Rom, Hon Ghenh and so on. Therefore, this arrival has become one of the most popular places for tourists this holiday. Let’s travel

Amazing things to experience in Quang Binh

Trekking in Quang Binh

Famous for Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park which has a system of 300 caves with the world’s longest river cave, the world’s largest cave, Asia’s most beautiful dry cave, three beautiful clean and wild sandy beaches: Nhat Le beach, Da Nhay beach and Bao Ninh as well as friendly local people and cheap fare

Experience sand skiing in Quang Binh

Sand dune in Quang Binh

You only remember Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and Son Doong Cave – the world’s largest cave when thinking about Quang Binh province, then, it is such a mistake! The province has many other values, interesting activities to make it one of the most important tourist points, one of which should be sand

Vietnam airline will open the routers to Sydney

Vietnam airline to open router to Sydney

Vietnam Airline is an airline international, modern and oriental cultural identity mark traditional Vietnam, Vietnam Airline has implemented the strategy of developing the aircraft towards the selection priority categories of aircraft technology, fuel saving and environmental friendly as the Airbus A350XWB , The Boeing 787-9, and constantly improve the quality of services in order to meet

What is better backpacking or package holiday

Package holiday in Vietnam

It is likely that you sometimes wonder whether you should let travel companies design your trip or do that by yourself. Let’s discover their advantages and disadvantage and then quickly make up your mind. south Vietnam tour Package holiday – high security For those who travel to a new place first time, travel with kids or