Where to go in Son La | SonDoong Cave in Vietnam

Where to go in Son La

woman in Son La

Bisected by Da River that flows down through the province eventually emptying into the large reservoir in Hoa Binh province and stretching along Vietnam’s south-western border with Laos, the remote and mountainous Son La province is a place to go in Vietnam. Travel to Son La with: jayavarman cruise mekong

Mong Village

woman in Son La

woman in Son La- source: internet

For travelers who are looking for a new and interesting ecotourism site, the captivating cultural village of Mong Village (Ban Mong) in the area of Hua La district in Son La province is such a great destination.

Upon your arrival at the lovely village, you will immediately be impressed by the distinctive scenery constituted of magnificent rivers and great mountains. The mountains at various shapes and sizes form an awesome range that looks like a dragon embracing the Nam La River.Covering the sides of the mountains are bamboos, apricot trees, plum trees, pine trees and coffee trees. Also, this village is surrounded by primitive forests full of colorful orchid flowers and precious trees. Every time spring comes to village, Ban flowers, plum flowers and apricot flowers show off their beauty, competing with one another to dominate the incredibly charming picture of forest. Moreover, what add to the brilliant scenery of Mong Village are the yellow bees flying around and cheerfully dancing on the bed of flowers.

The beauty of Son La

The beauty of Son La- source: internet

It is not to mistake that in the winter, an ideal time for Vong Gai flowers to bloom, filling the forest with a bright red color, the village will become gloomy and tranquil. Look at the red stilt houses and Vong Gai flowers while immersing yourself in the hot spring tub and feeling the winter breeze in the air will certainly be something that can stay forever in your mind. Online travel Vietnam

Tham Tet Toong Grotto

Tham Tet Toong Grooto’s entrance

Tham Tet Toong Grooto’s entrance- source: internet

Located about 2km far away from the center of Son La commune, Tham Tet Toong Grotto belongs to Chieng An commune, Son La commune, Son La province. Following the way leading to Muong Lat can you see Chieng An commune peacefully locate on provincial high way, behind Chieng Ho and Chieng Phom.

To reach this grotto, travelers have to follow a small foot-way at Chieng An junction which is slippery and wet but really poetic. At one side, wild flowers with many white, pink and colors intersperse with green leaves while at another side, there is a fresh and transparent spring channel flowing.

You can see dragonflies and butterflies flying in almost everywhere. The dragonflies look like the pilots wearing artistry mixed colorful clothes. The small but lovely butterflies have white wings beautifully decorated by various colors and patterns. It is likely that you cannot find two of butterflies which are exactly the same to each other, and neither of them is bigger than a phalange.

Covered around the grotto are green forests with high and continuous mountains. The exit of the grotto is a deep blue lake built with a water filtering system used by local people.

Inside Tham Tet Toong

Inside Tham Tet Toong- source: internet

The 150m-long grotto is divided into many parts with the distinct shaped stalactites. Inside Tham Tet Toong grotto, the scenery is mysterious like a stunning natural picture, somewhere a group of rocks crowd together making a cloud on the cave’s wall, somewhere the stalactite stream runs along looked like a group of bamboo trees. Mixing together, all make up a wild, strange but extremely fascinating Tham Tet Toong.

Every morning, when the sunshine spreads, there is a fantasy world of brilliant colorful various-shaped stalactites waiting for travelers when seeing from the cave entrance.
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