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Hoa Sua- special flowers in Autumn Hanoi

Clusters of hoa sua

Hoa Sua, literally translated to “Milk Flowers”, is one of the symbols of Hanoi’s autumn. Hoa Sua might not be as visibly obvious as lotus flowers, because the flowers themselves are quite high up on the trees, but their fragrance cannot be mistaken.

For Hanoians who have spent a good part of their lives living in Hanoi, whenever they start to notice the very subtle scent of Hoa Sua in early autumn, they know that season has come. Hoa Sua is the very unique and special flowers in Autumn Hanoi. to get more information, you can click: Travel Indochina tours

Hoa Sua in Hanoi

Hoa Sua trees line the city streets and their sweet tart scent get stronger as the day grows dark. Some people say its smell brings some certain cold aspect, because it is associated with the colder months of the year. They usually blossom in September and October. You can’t see them because they are high up, but you can certainly smell them. You can’t quite capture them on photograph, only can do your best to memorize the fragrance so that the next time you encounter such a scent, you will know right away that it is Hoa Sua season. We think that’s certainly why they are so unique.

Clusters of hoa sua

Clusters of hoa sua- source: internet

The Latin name for Hoa Sua is alstonia angustiloba. They can be found in other Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and even Singapore. However, nowhere else in the world can these trees bring such autumnal symbol, purity, romance, and most of all, nostalgic feelings. They blossom in cluster, are small, delicate, plain even, and with just a little gust of wind, they will carpet the whole sidewalk.

Hoa Sua coating the streets of Hanoi

Hoa Sua coating the streets of Hanoi- source: internet

Hoa Sua – the special flowers in Vietnam Contemporary Art

Hoa Sua and its romantic and nostalgic aspects is a very common theme for Vietnamese artists. Poems, movies, paintings, songs; some of them have become legends.

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Appeared in the movie Hanoi Bird Nesting Season (1978), the song “Hoa Sua” can be seen is a perfect summary of the tragic love story between two people during Hanoi’s difficult time. Their love story comes and goes with the aroma of Milk Flowers.

The song “Nhớ mùa thu Hà Nội”, or Missing Hanoi Autumn, by the famous song writer Trinh Cong Son lists every reason why one should love and miss Hanoi when the autumn comes. Hoa Sua is an inseparable part of the year’s third season, along cốm (green rice), ancient buildings, misty afternoons on West Lake, and of course, the shape of a lover.

Poet Hai Nhu has written a poem about milk flowers, namely Hoa Sữa. He told the very special character of Hoa Sữa at night: “The city is already asleep, but milk flowers are still awake.” Indeed, if you are in some way addicted to the sweet tart scent, you will walk to walk the streets of Hanoi at night.

Hoa Sua and Hanoians

There are some activities that Hanoians like to do while mindlessly inhaling the sweet scent of milk flowers: coffee tasting, biking or walking along milk flower streets, taking beautiful pictures, and you can even see people doing their favorite exercises under milk flower trees.

Hoa sua, the special flowers in Autumn Hanoi

Hoa sua, the special flowers in Autumn Hanoi – source: internet

For some people, the smell of Hoa Sua might come off a little bit too strong that they have a headache. But the majority of Hanoian loves milk flowers. Living in a city that is being heavenly urbanized, if you don’t pay attention it well enough, hoa sua season will come and go in a blink of an eye.

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