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How long to climb Phan Xi Pang, Vietnam

The magnificient surrounding on the top of Phan Xi Pang

Any travelers who have experienced to climb Phan Xi Pang mostly admit that setting feet on the top of Phan Xi Pang not only bring pride to themselves, but it also proved that they have overcome their own limitations. You are so excited about climbing to the roof of three countries of Indochina with the height of 3.143 meters.

And you have an intention for a moutain climbing up Phan Xi Pang, however, you are also worried about “How long to climb Phan Xi Pang, Vietnam”. According to most of the travelers who conquered climbing Phan Xi Pang, two or three days is the general answer and it depend on your health and climate conditions. To get more information, you can click: Travel Indochina tours

The magnificient surrounding on the top of Phan Xi Pang

The magnificient surrounding on the top of Phan Xi Pang-source: internet

For those who are used to trekking, hiking or climbing, climbing up the top Phan Xi Pang is not a very difficult affair. Especially, for the young and the healthy people, climbing activities seem to be also not a serious problem. However, most of travelers who are worrying about the journey for the first time: “How long to climb Phan Xi Pang?” The fact that time for climbing may be shorter or longer, but you can finish climbing Phan Xi Pang within 2 days and 1 night in average. Obviously, you can finish climbing in one day if you are fit enough. Nevertheless, instead of moving so fast to reach to the top, you should spend your time camping with your cool group of people at night, you will get a lot of memorable experiences with them.

traveling lover in front of the camping tent on Phan Xi Pang

traveling lover in front of the camping tent on Phan Xi Pang- source: internet

If you want to spend more time for moving, and avoid moving quickly on the hilly terrain up and down, well, how long to climb Phan Xi Pang in this case? Three days and 2 nights is the reasonable answer for this question. And the period of time is so appropriate with the older ones. However, moving more slowly you have a good chance to enjoy one night longer time of experience on the mountain, and share the interesting life in the wild place together with the many people in your group or others around. Vietnam travel packages

velers are moving up Phan Xi Pang

velers are moving up Phan Xi Pang- source: internet

About the climate, influenced Northern climates, Phan Xi Pang has the tropical monsoon climate with four different seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Due to the weather pattern of the North, mountain climbing activities should be the most suitable from late September to the end of April next year. However, October and November is the most beautiful time for travelers. This years’ time, it doesn’t rain and the temperature is not too cold on the mountain, which makes it easier and safer to conquer Phan Xi Pang. However, the higher when you climb, the lower temperature is, so you should go with good preparation of clothes. In September, October and November the temperature is around 3-4 degrees Celsius, even 0 degree Celsius and snow. If you go during monsoon season, it’s usually muddy and slippery but it’s got its charm, too. Actually, bad weather will influence to your climbing, sometimes it’s really a trouble and makes your trip become slower. Nonetheless, conquering Phan Xi Pang in such weather condition is also an interesting challenge for yourself.

part of Phan Xi Pang

part of Phan Xi Pang- source: internet

In conclusion, for the question “How long to climb Phan Xi Pang, Vietnam?”, the acceptable answer is not very too short or too long. And time is just two or three days for everyone to enjoy climbing Phan Xi Pang themselves and it rely on your health, the weather conditions. Thought the climate may make some barriers to your trip, you can change it if you don’t like challenge from the bad weather; in this case, October, November is really beautiful time for you. By the way, a very udel tip to keep in your mind that you should have a good preparation with both your mentality, health and enough necessary facilities be for your journey.

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