A magnificent masterpiece in Vietnamese borderland – Ban Gioc waterfall | SonDoong Cave in Vietnam

A magnificent masterpiece in Vietnamese borderland – Ban Gioc waterfall

The glorious beauty of Ban Gioc waterfall
It is Ban Gioc waterfall that Vietnam and its neighbor-China share together. Ban Gioc waterfall sits in Quay Son River in Cao Bang province in the international border between Vietnam and China. The Eastern belongs to China and the Western of Ban Gioc waterfall is a valuable possession of Vietnam. Travel to Ban Gioc with: Indochina holidays Vietnam
Ban Gioc waterfall is 53 meters in height and 300 meters in width, stratified with many high and small waterfalls. The water falls down from the top of waterfall, through many limestone blocks, which produces a lot of white spume at the foot.  Despite of standing far from the waterfall, travelers can hear the deafening sound of the waterfall, which is the sound of northeast forest in Vietnam. At the middle of the waterfall is a very huge block of stone, which divides water stream into three flowing directions. When the water falls and touches stones, immediately it bounces. Stunningly, the sunlight goes through it to create the beautiful rainbow.

The glorious beauty of Ban Gioc waterfall

The glorious beauty of Ban Gioc waterfall- source: internet

Go closer to this waterfall. Hold your head up. You are surprised with the gorgeous beauty of this waterfall. So strongly the water falls that the nature seems to be extremely angry with someone. However, when reaching downstream and flowing far from the foot of the waterfall, the water stream turns into so sweet girl and flows steadily. Remember to touch this water stream to see a relax and fresh thing spreading the whole body. At this time, you seem to immerse yourself into the pristine beauty of mountains and forests.

Local people say by word that the best times to have a journey to Ban Gioc waterfall are all the months. In Ban Gioc waterfall, there are two seasons: dry and rainy season. In each season, Ban Gioc shows off the specific beauty. In the dry season from October to May next year, it has a girl-like beauty: gentle and smooth with the golden rice fields. While in the rainy season from June to September, the waterfall immediately become cascading. It is the spectacular beauty is that attracts more tourists in this season. However, take care of the waterfall stream, which can make your trip more difficult. Vietnam tours packages

When visiting Ban Gioc, beside Ban Gioc waterfall, travelers are more likely to be impressive by other places here. The first one is Le-nin stream with the clear emerald water and it is seen as a huge mirror. Nguom Ngao cave is another which attracts more adventure-loving travelers by stunning limestones and stalactites with the different and weird shapes and colors. Or do not forget to visit romatic Thang Hen River to have memorable experience by boat.

Ngam Ngao Cave

Ngam Ngao Cave -source: internet

When going on a short trip to Ban Gioc, try tasting some delicious regional specialities. Tofu in Cao Bang – a natural food and having a different taste surprises many vistors. If you come here, do not hesitate enjoying it. Besides tofu, Tram Huong fish and Trung Khanh chestnut, Trung Khanh cake or roast duck leaves many travelers with a strong impression. Chestnut in Trung Khanh is cooked in many different ways by skillful local people such as boiled, dried or simmered with other foods; therefore, it remains its nice taste. A special feature of Trung Kien cake is the ingredient- the eggs of ants, so to taste this food, travelers should go there in about April or May when local people can go into the forest to look for ant’s eggs.

Roast Duck in Cao Bang

Roast Duck in Cao Bang -source: internet

Honestly, Ban Gioc waterfall is regarded as an invaluable present of nature, which is spent for Vietnam. Come here soon to admire the glorious beauty of this natural waterfall.

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