Many things you need to discover Vietnam
Vietnam is well-known for its geological wonders, a history dating back thousands of years, the friendliness of local residents and mouth-watering special dishes, but this fascinating country also has plenty of unique experiences that can be found nowhere else. To the rest of the world, some of these traditional customs seem strange, but they’re still prevalent throughout Vietnam. Here are some crazy activities that will make your trip to Vietnam a truly memorable one. cruise mekong delta

Many things you need to discover Vietnam

Many things you need to discover Vietnam- source: internet

  1. Eat on the street

The street food in Vietnam is some of the best activities you must try when coming to Vietnam. Though it might be a little grungy and intimidating sometimes, try to dig in. Prepare yourself for some adventurous and crazy dining. The easiest way to experience this is to simply wander around and look at what the local residents are eating. If something looks attractive or even if you’re not quite sure what it is, take a seat and wait for something delicious to appear .Street food is a great way to explore Vietnam. Wander through the streets of the old quarter and bustling markets, you can get to absorb the sights and smells of a natural and sincere image of Vietnam.

Experience street food in Vietnam

Experience street food in Vietnam- source: internet

  1. Visit hill tribe Groups

If you got used to luxurious hotels with modern facilities, going to remote mountain areas in Vietnam seems ridiculous or crazy, but this is really a unique experience you can’t miss. Ethnic hill tribe people still practice their own brands of animistic religion and wear particularly traditional clothing. Travelers coming to Sapa, Buon Ma Thuot or Kontum can experience a homestay in some villages with certain eco-tours and trekking activity. While trekking through the town, the village, paddy fields or small streams, you can enjoy a slow life, feel the fresh air is absorbing into your chest and also observe the life and culture of the local people. phnom penh to ho chi minh by boat

Hill tribe market in Sapa

Hill tribe market in Sapa- source: internet

  1. Try a rickshaw in Vietnam

Cycle rickshaw is a small, covered passenger vehicle with three wheels that is usually pulled or pedaled by a driver behind you. When you are visiting Vietnam, then it would be intriguing for you to enjoy sitting on a cycle rickshaw and the beauty of the whole city is wrapped in your sight, which brings you closer to Vietnamese cultural. The open and clear design of the cycle rickshaw doesn’t provide you any hindrance while taking snap shots or enjoying the wonderful sightseeing. Specially, the drivers are the ones who make your trip even more memorable with their knowledge, so when you are being guided by the drivers, be ready for new dimensions of tourism.

Interesting trip in cycle rickshaws

Interesting trip in cycle rickshaws- source: internet

  1. Get Lost in the Markets:

In Vietnam, market is the epicenter of culture and commerce. Exploring local markets are great for impressive experiences, including authentic food, bustling atmosphere, and a colorful display of stalls. You’ll also get to see strange sights such as old ladies smoking huge cigarettes and butchered meat and fish on display.  Every town has a market: Dalat’s market, Hoi An’s busy riverside fish, Hanoi’s sprawling Dong Xuan Market; and the hill tribe markets of Sapa.

Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City

Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City- source: internet

Each area in Vietnam is a cultural destination. The more you discover, the more you fall head over heal with this country. Only by experiencing both the most wonderful things and even the craziest things in Vietnam, can you understand the culture of a country with more than four thousand years of history.

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