SonDoong Cave in Vietnam

Sapa- a destination you don’t miss when travel Vietnam

Fansipan Mountain

Coming to Sapa, one of the most visited travel destinations in the North Vietnam tour, visitors will have many choices of travel accommodation, organized cultural tours and adventure trips. Sapa sightseeing The main travel activities in the small town of Sapa are around the town – motorbike tours, visiting local hill tribes and hiking trips.

Reasons to go trekking in Sapa

Meet the ethnic minorities

Being a small town, nestled deep within Vietnam’s rolling green highlands, Sapa offers some stunning scenery. However, Sapa is very popular among travelers, many of whom only coming for a 1-day trek before going back to Hanoi. The further you go from Sapa, the longer trek you take, the quieter the atmosphere will be and

Easy trip in Hanoi

Apply for a Vietnam visa

You are preparing for your trip in Hanoi and having some difficulties in planning? Let this guide help you to make your travel plan much easier. With useful information and well-arranged services, you will have an unforgettable trip in Hanoi. You can read more: Alova Gold cruise halong bay for more information Apply for a Vietnam visa

Bo bia ngot-unique street food in Hanoi

Bo bia is only made after your order

You might be forgiven to assume that bo bia ngot has something to do with beer, but it does not: it is such a really delicious and unique sweet snack well worth interrupting your sightseeing tour in Hanoi capital city for. What is Bo bia? Bo bia is only made after your order- source: internetBo

Hotels for family in Hanoi

Holiday Silver

If you are planning your trip to Hanoi with kids but still do not know where to stay during your trip, don’t worry, there are some suitable Hanoi family hotels for all sizes and budgets! No matter what you are looking for budget family from accommodation in the crowded Old Quarter to a serviced apartment

What is the weather like in Sapa

Sapa in the coldest day in winter even has snow

Travelling to Sapa is not too strange to visitors in Vietnam and foreign visitors. Sapa is located in Lao Cai province and it is in the North West of Vietnam. Sapa is peaceful and quiet however, Sapa is always a secret destination that contains many magic of the majestic natural scenery. It is even snowy

Travel between Hanoi and Lao Cai by train

The Huc Gate- a famous destination in Hanoi

Vietnam is a beautiful nation which is located in the Indochinese Peninsula. For many years, this country has become one of the most attractive destinations in this region. Millions of tourists visiting here have chance to see beautiful places of interest and unique architecture. However, a lot of tourists are embarrassed at how to move

Travel by train in Vietnam

Vietnam’s railway

Rumors go onthe Internet that for a train ticket, travelers in Vietnam have to officially pay more money (some say twice as much) than Vietnamese do. A couple of years ago, this might actually be and today travelers still get special tickets, saying “Foreigner” on it. However nowadays international tourists can get a train ticket

Explore top 4 famous destinations in Vietnam

Halong Bay- one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most attractive destinations in the Indochinese Peninsula. Tourists come to this country to explore the hidden charm of natural landscapes, places of interests and relics of history. The followings are top 4 famous arrivals in Vietnam which you shouldn’t miss in your journey: Indochina tours Halong Bay- the pride of

From Danang to Ho Chi Minh City

Train to Ho Chi Minh City

A combining travel between Danang and Ho Chi Minh City, the two most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam would be an amazing experience for travelers. Although there are many ways travel between these two places, traveling by train and by air are the two most common options. Indochina cheap tours From Danang to Ho Chi Minh