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Quan Ba Market – Colorful festival of ethnic minorities in Ha Giang

Quan Ba Market
Local market days are a unique and integral cultural trait of Ha Giang. In upland Ha Giang province, a marketplace is not only where locals come to exchange consumer goods and services but also, more importantly, a spot to exchange and exhibit cultural identity of all these local ethnic groups. It is a must-visit destination especially for culture lovers. you can see: Indochina travel Vietnam

Quan Ba Market

Quan Ba Market -source: internet

Leaving Nam Dam, you will be accompanied by your local guide and ride a bike along the narrow streets winding between great mountains and charming fields to go to the capital of Quan Ba District – Tam Son Town, which is situated in the valley between three mountains (Tam Son) created by the earth surface movements around hundreds million years ago.

Though having nowadays developed quickly with modern houses and spacious public buildings, Tam Son town still preserves its tranquil, natural beauty harmoniously blended with the beauty of simple human life. Quan Ba market, which displays many local products for sell, is a place to visit in town.

Quan Ba Market the heart of the local trade

Held weekly on Sunday, Quan Ba Market (Ha Giang) is the heart of the local trade in the surrounding communes in Quan Ba District. From very early in the morning, Hmong, Nung, Giay and Dao people from the surrounding communes, even few kilometers far away, are cheerfully going to this colorful market.

Quan Ba Market - the colorful festival of ethnic minorities in Ha Giang

Quan Ba Market – the colorful festival of ethnic minorities in Ha Giang – source: internet

There are several fairs of ethnic people in Dong Van district – Ha Giang province. Each market takes place on its own day, for instance: Pho Bang Market is held on Snake and Horse Day; Pho Cao Market is held on Dragon and Dog Day; Lung Phin Market is held on the Tiger and Monkey Day; Sa Phin Market is held on Snake and Pig Day and Quan Ba Market, locally called Quyet Tien Market takes place weekly on Sunday.

Like other fairs in Ha Giang Province, Quan Ba market focuses on exchanging and trading of the ethnic groups in the communes of this district. Besides being the centre of trading and exchanging the good specialties of the region, this is also the place where the ethnic minorities in the Dong Van Plateau region come to meet each other and exchange cultures. Ha Giang is the north Vietnam tours

Because the locals there live in high level above sea level with dangerous terrain, they do not have so many chances to gather together to meet each other. Therefore, they are always eager to join the fair whenever it comes to the date. It is not exaggerating at all to say that these fairs are the festival days of the ethnic people. Since Quan Ba market is the biggest weekly market concentration, it becomes very busy and exciting on every Sunday.

Thang co-food specialty in Quan Ba Market

Thang co-food specialty in Quan Ba Market – source: internet

Quan Ba Market – the colorful festival of ethnic minorities in Ha Giang

When going to these markets, ethnic minorities will wear their best, most colorful  clothes. The boys with back baskets, carrying chickens and pigs and the girls in colorful traditional costumes create an impressively vivid atmosphere. There, all of these agricultural commodities together with food specialties sold are largely self-produced goods at home, just a few pounds of nuts, a few bananas that the Hmong, Lo Lo, Dao people bring to sell in the market. In the past, clothing items, textiles and fabrics were handmade but they are now almost imported from China.

In the markets, food stalls serving specialties of the ethnic people such as: maize wine and thang co (a dish of ethnic people made from untreated internal organs of cattle such as cow and horse) are usually overcrowded with guests. The other favorite choice, especially among children and teenagers is ice cream.

It is said that this market has no livestock. As the areas surrounding Quan Ba Market are vegetables fields, vegetables are the most abundant goods there. Maize, soybean, H’mong vegetables, peas and beets are what you can easily find there.

Quan Ba is where people come to meet each other

Quan Ba is where people come to meet each other – source: internet

People consider going to the market as a way to relax and a chance for friends to meet each other and to show one’s kind heart, it is a custom to drink some wine. They drink quiet a lot. A lot of wine made from corn is sold there. Even though this kind of wine is only 30 – 35 degrees, all of they will be drunk as the market finishes.

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