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Quang Binh food


Ngheo Baby Fish

Ngheo fish delivers baby fish but not eggs. This kind of fish is meaty and tasty. Its skin is rough, and thus, also called “rough” or “nham” fish.Ngeo fish is favorably used to make salad or clay pots sprinkled with turmeric, ginger and honey to make a yin-healthy dish. The uterus should be carefully handled by first cleaning with warm salt water, then stewing with rice, adding spices, pepper and onion to achieve a yin-yang balanced tonic dish.



Gill of Thieu Fish: A dish of poor people

A Dong Hoi’s proverb says: “Liver of Ngheo fish, gill of Thieu fish”. The gills of Thieu fish, especially those in March, are considered the most delicious, comparable to the fatty liver of Ngheo fish. The bigger the fish, the better is the gill. A soup made of Thieu’s gills and their eggs is considered a vary appealing dish.

Paste of Lep Fish

Lep fish is small, flat, soft and very fat. The most favored dishes made from Lep fish are usually the salted paste or BBQ ones. Paste of Lep dish is so popular and so appetizing that it has been mentioned in many of Quang Binh’s proverbs.

June acetes paste

In June, acetes, a kind of small marine shrimp, have a beautiful crimson color and high nutritious quality. While strongly-salted acetes paste can be kept for years and used as a spice, slightly-salted acetes paste served with star fruit makes a tasty sour-sweet dish. The paste is also served with rice or rice vermicelli, egg-plant or boiled pork to give very delightful dishes. In the past, the upper class, the mandarins and the French colonists all appreciated this cheap, popular food.

Sea-snake (den) vodka



There are two kinds of sea snakes: yellow and white ones. Yellow sea-snakes are not poisonous, taste like chicken. Their meat is minced, wrapped in lot leaves and deep-fried to given a delicious dish called “ram den”.White sea-snakes have black strips and are poisonous, but after being neutralized, they can be soaked in vodka to make a medicinal alcohol for backache and rheumatism.Vodka enriched by sea-snake blood, or “ruou den”, is believed very good for health.Top enjoy “ram den” and “ruou den” after swimming in the sea is certainly a great pleasure.

Ngua Fish

Quang Binh people used to say that: “The best food for the Lunar New Year celebration is Ngua fish”. Ngua fish has various names depend on how big it is. Baby Ngua fish is called Chec or mam. Ngua fish of 1kg is named Choe while the 3-4kg one is named Ngua. This kind of fish is most plump and tasty in spring.

Above are just some examples of Quang Binh specialities. There are many other worthnoting ones such as Quang Ninh oyster porridge, Cho Treo pork vermicelli, Dong Hoi rice pancake and beo ice cake. all those dishes contributes to an unforgettable Quang Binh.

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