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Soup Porridge – Quang Binh food

Soup Porridge - Quang Binh food

If Pho cannot be missed when you visit Ha Noi, then you cannot miss Soup Porridge (Cháo canh) when visiting Quảng Bình province. This dish is the most favourite breakfast for the local people. Soup Porridge is not presented everywhere but only trusted restaurants rated by sophisticated food lovers.

The noodles is quite simple, big and thick while the broth has a golden colour from crab meat but not as thick as Clear Rice Spaghetti Soup with Crab (Bánh Canh Cua). The ingredients are quite familiar included: Snakehead fish, shrimps, pork, spring onions, coriander and green cabbage

Soup Porridge  is a special food of the ordinary but very central. The Quang Hue Binh.

Soup Porridge - Quang Binh food

Soup Porridge – Quang Binh food

Soup Porridge  made with many types of flour: wheat flour, rice flour, filtered … Depending on the type of powder that use hot water or cold water for stuffing. Cold water-resistant wheat flour, rice flour and tapioca to use hot water, stuffed until smooth, stirring constantly, not wet or dry powder, flexible enough to move into small fibers.

Ingredients for cooking Soup Porridge  is rich, meat, fish, pork skin until shrimp, crab … In particular, buffalo fish (snakehead fish) that are suitable for cooking porridge tasty. The most memorable taste of the soup Soup Porridge  Quang Binh is always a warm family feeling, ones together soy collapse enjoy the spicy soup torn tongue, smelled the aroma of pepper.

In Quang Binh there are many customary Soup Porridge  porridge (porridge flour). Fish dishes are usually cooked with buffalo, pork ball sluggishness member sweet, fleshy fleshy mix pigskin … Smell fragrant knotweed, fragrant vegetables should emanates along the “street” porridge flour, from dawn until midnight.

Hue called Soup Porridge  without the soup is called rational, because the Soup Porridge  dish is not everyday in their family, Soup Porridge  is a specialty Hue “playboy” from the time she was his royal princess , and spent many years of ups and downs, Soup Porridge  retains the position of an elegant snack. In Hue, Nam Pho Soup Porridge  known from past to present. The main material is always made with rice flour. Rice all day soaking, grinding or pounding last two or three hours until the powder is flour cooked length without sticky fingers. Rolling thin rice flour cooked, sliced, cooked fiber powder is not wet, waiting for the boiling water before the first ball away to cut small pieces of shrimp ball, crab ball, pig, pig skin … Season of the condiment also completed an additional layer of colored water, chili powder, vegetable oil … when boiling water is enough to cut the powder drop. For the fire to burn olive Riu Soup Porridge  pot is always hot, not to fire high fiber soft dough. When you open the pot up Soup Porridge , broth sweet aroma emanating asphyxiation, the smell of powder blends ball, shrimp, crab meat, onions and Soup Porridge  bowls with very attractive pink, blue, yellow, white , brown … sparkling looks stunning, inviting the guests.

At Hue there are some new village famous Soup Porridge  later. Thuy Duong professional cooking Soup Porridge  with snakehead fish. Steamed fish to, separate muscles ready, crushed bones and fish head water filter. Snakehead fish marinated pepper the meat, sauce, very aromatic um up, and his snakehead fish is a special dish, sold separately as requested. Snakehead fish cake soup must be eaten very hot, when the client calls new to offer to the yarn cake, then pick the meat, spices out into a bowl, sprinkle water to just draw … An Old Village Soup Porridge  to cook the soup with bread general pork skin, pork ball pellets, blood duck, crab …

Soup Porridge  makes food taste a popular medium, has a unique new central just have to be.

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