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Things to remember when traveling to Mai Chau

Mai Chau has romantic beauty

Not as famous as the Moc Chau Plateau nearby, Mai Chau hide romantic beauty that every visitor wants to return once they travel here. Many travelers just know the name Mai Chau – Hoa Binh wonder where Mai Chau is? How to go to Mai Chau? Mai Chau have any places to visit? What to eat in Mai Chau?… The following article would share travel experience, things to remember before your trip and help you take a rewarding journey. Travel to Mai Chau with: Travel Indochina and Vietnam

Mai Chau has romantic beauty

Mai Chau has romantic beauty- source: internet

Where is Mai Chau, how far is it from Hanoi?

The first things to remember: Located at the west of Hanoi, Mai Chau is the last district of Hoa Binh, adjacent to Moc Chau of Son La and Pu Luong of Thanh Hoa. 150 km from Hanoi is equal to 3 hours by car or 4 hours by motorbike, it is suitable for short or weekend trips. This arcade is not too difficult, it is suitable for new travelers or those who want to try traveling by driving motorbike on their own at first time.

Mai Chau is 150km far from Hanoi

Mai Chau is 150km far from Hanoi- source: internet

Is the road to here dangerous?

The road to Mai Chau today is much better than before and is not as winding and dangerous as the road to Ha Giang or Yen Bai. However, whether you are a first-time traveler or a pro already familiar with the road, you should also carefully remember the following things: The road which has the most possibility of accident is Doc Cun because Doc Cun is very long and very sloping. The path through Thung Khe Pass is meandering and there is usually fog in the late afternoon or especially in winter, visibility is almost 0km. It is advised that you should go slowly, turn the distant phase and press the horn.

How to go to Mai Chau?

There are many ways to travel to Mai Chau: ride motorbikes with friends or drive alone or take a bus from Yen Nghia or My Dinh Coach Station or simply package tour.

– If you leave by motorbike: Hanoi – Luong Son – street has become familiar with many travelers. The cost of gasoline varies from 70,000 to 100,000 VND.

– If you go by car: My Dinh and Yen Nghia are two coach station with many cars departing to Xuan Mai. The last point is often Tong Dau cross-road, from here, you can catch the motorbike to Lac Village – Mai Chau. Coach fare ranges from 90,000 to 110,000 depending on different coach station. Vietnam travel packages

What to do in Mai Chau?

There are many ways to travel to Mai Chau

There are many ways to travel to Mai Chau- source: internet

There are many options for you when coming to here, depending on your time:

– Trekking (walking) or renting a bicycle to visit around. Bicycle rental: 20k – 30k /bike. There is also double bikes.

– The main villages you should visit include: Lác 1, Lác 2, PomCoong, Van, Nhot, Naphon. Further is beautiful terraced fields…

– Climb Chieu Cave, Mo Luong Cave or hire floating rafts at Lac River.

Foreigners visit Mai Chau villages

Foreigners visit  villages- source: internet

What to eat in Mai Chau?

Speaking of Mai Chau – Hoa Binh, we must mention special culinary culture here. These dishes are the essence of his Thai ethnic people including: com lam, xoi nuong, thit lon man, mang dang, nuoc la phao, ca suoi nuong… are the things you definitely remember to try when traveling.

Mai Chau speciality

Mai Chau speciality- source: internet

When to travel to Mai Chau?

Mai Chau is a valley surrounded by mountains so weather in Mai Chau is generally dry during the year. You can travel to Mai Chau any season. Spring is probably the most beautiful season with peach blossom, white plum flower blossom on the whole. In summer, Mai Chau has green color, typical of mountains then it turns to yellow due to ripening paddy fields in autumn. Mai Chau evening is usually colder than in the plain, so you should prepare warm clothes if you come to Mai Chau in the winter and early spring.

Yellow paddy fields in autumn

Yellow paddy fields in autumn- source: internet

Mai Chau is a picturesque destination for those who enjoy traveling, sightseeing, cultural tourism. It is a full tourist attraction for all forms of travel, catering to the needs of many travelers with different interests. To have a safe, memorable and meaningful trip to Mai Chau, please remember several things above.

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