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Tips to choose a Son Doong tour in your Vietnam itinerary in 10 days

Although 10 day tour is a long time to travel, it will be difficult to make a schedule for details of places to visit in each day. You can solve this problem by spending 4 days 3 nights in Son Doong – the most famous natural cave in Vietnam. Let’s find out why you should visit this place. Then take a look at some tips to book a Son Doong tour for your Vietnam itinerary 10 days.

Research about Son Doong

The first thing you must do before visiting any place is researching about it. Son Doong is not a common tourism place that anyone can visit, you should know about it in detail to decide to travel or not in your Vietnam itinerary 10 days.

Son Doong cave is located in Tan Trach commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh province, Vietnam. It lies inside the complex of Phong Nha Ke Bang caves. Son Doong was accidentally found by a local people in 1991. However, it was not ready for tourism until 2009 when he informed the England Caves Association about his discovery. Naturally formed million years ago, Son Doong is now known as the biggest natural cave all over the world. Especially, it was proudly reviewed by the New York Times as one of 52 must-come places in 2014.


A giant space and amazing scene inside Son Doong cave

A giant space and amazing scene inside Son Doong cave

If you are a traveler who enjoys discovering wild nature, you should definitely visit Son Doong. It is also known as the biggest natural cave in the world as the measurement of the scientists. The space inside the cave can contain about 68 Boeing 777 planes and a 40-story building in New York City. Therefore, it takes at least 4 days 3 nights to visit everything inside the cave by trekking, climbing. It means that good health will be required in this tour. Until now, there is no technical methods for travelers to easily discover this mother nature’s masterpiece.


Visiting Son Doong makes you feeling like being in a time travel to millions years ago

Visiting Son Doong makes you feeling like being in a time travel to millions years ago – source: CNN

Choose a reputed travel agency

As a totally natural place as mentioned, a tour to Son Doong is not commonly exploited by many travel agencies. Because this magnificent wonder has to be conserved to keep its wild look and environmental sanitation.  Therefore, it is very important in finding an agency which meets all the requirements about technique, support teams and other equipment for safety and conservation.


The magnificent view of Son Doong cave

The magnificent view of Son Doong cave

With many standard back services provided, the price for this tour is more expensive than other common ones, which reaches to about $3000 per person per tour. However, not everyone who can pay for this high fee can join this tour. Health checking is compulsory for every traveler who signs up for this tour. They must have both good physical and mental health. It is because you need to trek approximate 25 kilometres through many forests, mountains, climb up many bluffs and walk about 7 kilometres in the cave. Moreover, you also have to cross over some strong flow rivers about 40 times.

With this high intensive schedule, health is the most important factor to decide whether you can join this tour. Anyone who cannot keep going when the tour is taking place may be required to stop and go back to the hotel. The tour fee will not be repaid in this case.

Early booking is necessary

After choosing a reputed travel agency, you must find out the most suitable time to visit Son Doong. The period between February and April is always highly recommended. It is because of the cool weather, which makes you comfortable for the whole trip. Another time between May and August is usually not an ideal period. It takes place in the middle of summer when the weather is extremely hot and moist. It means your health must be in the best condition to prevent from illness. Except from this two periods, you should not visit Son Doong at other times in the rainy season to have a safe trip.

The number of visitors coming to Son Doong is usually limited to under 10 people each tour. So that early booking is very necessary. So that you must contact the travel agency as soon as possible to avoid full booking in high travelling season. Moreover, if you plan to travel in a group with your family or your friends, early booking can make sure that all of you are not separated in different tours. How exciting the tour will be when travelling this wonderful nature with your acquaintances in 4 among 10 days of Vietnam itinerary.


Save your best memorable memories with your group in Vietnam itinerary 10 days

Save your best memorable memories with your group in Vietnam itinerary 10 days


After finding out everything about Son Doong tour and deciding to join this adventurous trip, you need to know what to prepare for 4 days 3 nights. There is no permanent construction inside the cave. Every living activities such as bathing, washing, eating will be simplified as much as possible. Beside personal basic stuff, shoes and clothes which are specially made for trekking are compulsory for high intensive activities.

Travelers are camping and staying in the cave

Travelers are camping and staying in the cave

Each travel agency has their own requirements for personal packages, which you must compliance for a flowing and safe travel. Do not worry about technical tools such as lines, helmets, lights, camping stuff, rescue equipment, etc. because they all are in the travel package provided by the agency.
If you are a truly wild traveller, you will be extremely enjoyable when bathing in the fresh cool water of the river, making a fire in the night to grill foods and completely relax in the totally natural atmosphere.

Last but not least, if you are a nature lover and be able to afford all requirements as mentioned, do not hesitate to sign up for Son Doong discovery tour in your Vietnam tours. This might be the most memorable experience of your whole life. Being immersed in the totally wild scene of Son Doong also raise your awareness of environment protection to protect this wonderful masterpiece of mother nature.


Yen Chi – Nature & Travel Lover