Weird things can be found just in Vietnam | SonDoong Cave in Vietnam

Weird things can be found just in Vietnam

Motorbikes are are everywhere, especially in big cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City

When traveling to a new country you will find the unique things that can be found nowhere else in the world. Here are some special things that make the travelers drop the jaw during your Vietnam travel packages


Motorbikes, motorbikes and motorbikes, literally everywhere! Many foreigners have the first impression about Vietnam is they can’t believe there are many motorbikes on the street!

According to official statistics, there were about 4 million motorbikes in all of Vietnam in 1996; today, there are about that many in Hanoi alone. There are currently around 39 million motorbikes nationwide, meaning that if we exclude the very old and the very young, practically every Vietnamese owns a motorbike. Ho Chi Minh City now has 7.43 million motorbikes, putting serious pressure on its transport infrastructure, local media reported, citing the Department of Transport.

Motorbikes are are everywhere, especially in big cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City

Motorbikes are everywhere, especially in big cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City

Crossing the road in Vietnam is a unique experience that requires not only your technique but a bit of bravery. But it has the rules – don’t be nervous, don’t run. Just walk naturally and calmly and you’ll be surprised how safe you will be. The vehicles will avoid you automatically.

Another weird thing that is mentioned in many magazines and printed on a postcard – the super carry – on motorbikes. Since the bikes is the main vehicles to be used and many poor people haven’t got the chance to buy them a car to carry the goods, they try to carry as much as they can by motorbikes – even it’s illegal. You can see on the street especially in the early morning and in the local market, with various types of goods – from vegetables, chicken and gooses, eggs, fruits to clothes and mannequin (yes, how fun it is to carry on a mannequin, or even two – on a motorbike)

Not a single word can describe

Not a single word can describe

Special foods

Vietnam is famous for street foods – this is not a weird things. But along with some delicious and tasty food that is named by the chief, you probably be shocked by some food that is listed in the “horror” food list.

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The blood pudding

Would you dare to try?-

Would you dare to try

Vietnamese has the way to make and eat this soup so specific – raw eating. This is really a great challenge for the foreigners.

This dish is literally made from raw blood of ducks, geese or pigs. The freshly drawn blood is collected in a bowl, and prevented from premature coagulation by mixing it with some fish sauce or salt water of certain proportions. Some other organs and meat from the animal will be finely chopped such as duck innards (gizzards, for example) and duck meat are put in a shallow dish along with a sprinkling of crushed peanuts and chopped herbs such as Vietnamese coriander, mint, etc. The blood is then diluted with some watery broth left from cooking the meat and/or gizzards to promote blood coagulation, then quickly poured into the prepared meat dish. After the blood has set, the finished dish has the texture of pudding.

Although the dish is warned containing bacteria and ingesting them may cause several bacterial infection (especially the raw pig’s blood), this is still the favorite dish of many old man living in the countryside as it is considered as a high protein source, and it is a cooling property that can regulate body heat and cure mouth ulcers. Many also believe that due to its key ingredient, blood soup might prevent anemia.

The Balut

Eating a half-hatched egg, how do you think? It is less risk than trying the blood pudding but still, bring a very uncomfortable feeling for many people when seeing it. The duck eggs or quail eggs usually used as the ingredient of this dish. After 17-20 days hatching (by machine), the egg will be boiled then served with Vietnamese coriander and sliced ginger, also a bit of salt and pepper.

Trứng vịt lộn – favorite dish of many Vietnam people

Trứng vịt lộn – the favorite dish of many Vietnam people

Though it looks scary and disgusting for foreigners, many Vietnamese eating this dish every day, from the children to the elders. Will you try it once if you’re invited by local people?

The living larvae coconut worm

This dish is found in the South of Vietnam. The larvae is from a type of beetle that is harmful for the coconut, palm or date. Local people find the larvae in the trunk (near the top) then collect the living white larvae and throw them into a large bowl of fish sauce. The larva feel the physical suffering by the salinity and people use a chopstick to put it in the mouth. It taste is describe as “ rich, creamy as milk or butter”.

Snake/rats restaurants

Though snakes are eaten by some other neighbor countries (Chinese or The Philipines), in some restaurants in Vietnam you will be surprised by the number of dishes people can make from a snake. They don’t remove anything of the snakes, even they have the dish called “deep-fried snake bones/skin”, or the “snake gall wine”. Selling the wild animals is now strictly prohibited by the government but there are still a village near Hanoi where people living by raising and serving the snakes.

Or in some countryside, there are local restaurants serve the special rat dishes (the rat eating rice from fields is considered safe for eating).

Any other special or weird things you see or experience in Vietnam? And would you take risk to come and try?

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