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How to whittle a pineapple like a boss

Pineapple wasting
In the Western world, the following types of pineapple are common: canned and fresh. Canned pineapples are easy, versatile, and ready to use. Fresh pineapples are more complicated. You have to buy them, turn them upside down before cutting, and actually cut them. Now, many people want it quick and easy, and end up wasting a lot of the juicy flesh by slicing down along the length. Vietnamese hate wasting and have mastered the art of pineapple carving. We sure do know how to whittle a pineapple like a boss. private tour in Vietnam

Pineapple wasting

Pineapple wasting- source: internet

How to choose a good pineapple

Choosing a good pineapple is not too difficult if you know how to do it. You can either choose a pineapple based on your instinct, or look at the actual physical signs of it. Smelling is one of human’s best instincts and it works. You simply flip the pineapple over and give it a sniff. The stem end is where the fruit emits its smell the strongest, so if you can detect a sweet scent (not too sweet to the point where it smells fermented) from there, the pineapple is good to go.

Smelling the pineapple’s stem end

Smelling the pineapple’s stem end – source: internet

Some people like to play it safe and purchase pineapples when they are still green, given that they look fresh, green, firm, and heavy. A heavy pineapple means that it contains more juice inside. And if you somehow end up with an unripe pineapple and decide to slice it open before its time, try grilling.

Now let’s come to the main part.

How to whittle a pineapple

You will need the following things:

  • A ripe pineapple.
  • A sharp knife.
  • Some patience.

First, you need to remove the stem and the crown, so that when you put the pineapple on the cutting board surface, it will stand straight. Then you gently and thinly slice off the skin. Remember thinly, don’t waste that juicy flesh. Saigon to phnom penh by river boat

Cut crown and stem

Cut crown and stem- source: internet

Without the eyes, cutting a pineapple is extremely easy. However, because those eyes, or the brown spots you usually see, exist, and make the pineapple not taste good if you eat everything together, it is essential that they be removed. Lucky for us, those eyes are in line. They line up in patterned diagonal rows, which make carving them out an art.

Pineapple eyes

Pineapple eyes – source: internet

We remove the eyes set by set. Make a v-shape along one diagonal set and cut it out. Repeat until there is no eye left.

The result should look like this.

A whittled pineapple

A whittled pineapple -source: internet

Why are whittled pineapples a big deal in Hanoi?

On the streets of Hanoi, there are street vendor ladies going around with their bikes or ‘quang ganh’ (a set of bamboo pole and two baskets in which the goods are stored) selling fruits and other products. Very often, you will see ready-whittled pineapples placed in plastic bags for people to purchase.

Tourists love fresh and whittled pineapples. And if you find yourself crave something sweet and juicy while walking around and discovering the busy life of Vietnam, you can always ask these ladies to whittle and cut up the pineapples for you. Quick, easy, very affordable, and ready to go.

Street vendor ladies selling freshly cut pineapples

Street vendor ladies selling freshly cut pineapples -source: internet

Due to the language barrier and sometimes, scams, nice street vendor ladies are being given a bad name. If you feel like purchasing something and need to make sure of the price, ask these ladies to write it down on a piece of paper, or use your phone to type the price down. We guarantee you that watching a pineapple being whittled right in front of you is a very interesting experience. Have fun whittling in Hanoi!

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